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Industrial buildings

In 2012, we were tasked with developing and constructing new facilities in Halmstad for a company manufacturing steel products. This marked the beginning of our expansion into industrial buildings, which is now a significant part of our operations.

In recent years, we have worked on some of the largest industrial projects in Sweden, creating conditions for our clients’ operations through buildings well-adapted to the advanced equipment subsequently installed. Some notable projects we have worked on in recent years include Northvolt’s battery factory in Skellefteå and Nobia’s kitchen manufacturing facility south of Jönköping. Both buildings are over 100,000 square meters each. In 2024, we are taking on the next major industrial project – H2 Green Steel’s facility in Boden. The challenges are numerous in projects of this scale, but over the years, we have gradually built the expertise required for coordination, procurement, and logistics planning, as well as management of personnel and subcontractors.

Northvolt’s facility is one example, with a large number of players and representation from over fifty nations on the construction site. It was an exciting and complex project where our specialized knowledge in logistics and industrial facilities truly came to the fore. And where we also contribute to the green transition.