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Logistics facilities

Trust is a crucial cornerstone in our way of working. Together with our clients, we create the best possible conditions for upcoming logistics establishments.

In 2004, LC initiated a strategic partnership with the American logistics giant Prologis. In a relatively short time, we constructed several logistics facilities for them in various locations in Sweden. Both the logistics industry and we have undergone an exciting development since then. We have built for many large, well-known players, often more than once, which we are very proud of.

You can read more about some of the projects here

Our way of working is best showcased when we are engaged in the early stages and get to participate in shaping the project. By working conceptually with standardized solutions for parts of the project, we can offer both quality and economic advantages without our clients having to compromise on their requirements and preferences.

Read about how we collaborated with Mathem to jointly develop their new warehouse in Larsboda, south of Stockholm. The building is certified according to Miljöbyggnad Gold level and was awarded “Building of the Year 2023” in the logistics/industrial/store category.

About our collaboration with Mathem