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Logistic Contractor builds and develops large logistic and industrial facilities.

Below we showcase a selection of our projects. The filtering function allows for a more specific selection.

Ahlsell, Eidsvoll

  • Type: Warehouse and Logistics , Automation
  • City: Eidsvoll
  • Size: 62 000 sqm
  • Certification: Breeam Very Good
When the wholesale company Ahlsell expands in Norway, LC develops and builds their new warehouse.
Read about our assignment to build Norway's largest logistics facility to date

Hemtex, Borås

  • Type: Automation
  • City: Borås
  • Size: 26 000 sqm
  • Certification: Miljöbyggnad Silver
In Borås, we have built the headquarters and logistics center for Hemtex. But now, 26,000 square meters will become 58,000.
Read about how we more than double Hemtex's space just nine months after moving in

H2 Green Steel, Boden

  • Type: Industry
  • City: Boden
  • Size: 150 000 sqm
In 2024, we are commencing the construction of H2 Green Steel's Cold Mill, part of a facility for green steel production in Boden.
Learn how LC is involved in building one of Sweden's most interesting industrial projects

Ahlsell, Hallsberg

  • Type: Warehouse and Logistics
  • City: Hallsberg
  • Size: 57 000 sqm
  • Certification: Breeam Excellent
LC is constructing three new buildings that will house warehouses and offices for Ahlsell.
Learn more about how Ahlsell's logistics center in Hallsberg is expanding by 57,000 square meters